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terribletoaster's blog
Nutrisystem/Weight Watchers Combo
Six weeks ago, I embarked on this weight loss journey...for several reasons, but most importantly my health. I have an enlarged heart, high blood pressure, cholesterol...you name it. I also became very uncomfortable with myself...looks, out of breath, couldn't sleep, sore back and joints, etc. I had to begin buying 3X shirts and size 44 pants...so I decided to weigh myself. I was thinking I was 225 or so...you see us guys think that we're in much better shape than we are!! I about fainted when I saw my scale read 271.4...had to be wrong. So I changed the battery and took off all my clothes and weighed again...270. At least it was a little less without clothes!

I couldn't believe how much I weighed, I became very concerned for my health and heart and needed to reverse the trend! So after a few months (yes, it took a few months...I'm an engineer and over analyze everything) of research and deliberation...I decided to do two programs at once. Nutrisystem in combination with Weight Watchers...

Part of my problem is that I'm single, so 99 times out of 100 I eat out of convenience. Pizza, fast food, anything quick and easy. It's too expensive and too much trouble to cook, especially healthy for just one person. I also drive a lot for my job as a field service engineer...so drive thru's had become the norm. I even order my groceries from Schwan's...but they are still an ally in my battle with the bulge, more on that later.

For convenience and cost - which determines most of my eating I chose Nutrisystem. My insurance actually offered me a pretty good discount (they must be concerned about my health too) to give it a try...so for far less than I spent on eating before, I get 28 days worth of convenience food!!  I especially like the breakfast and lunch bars for when I'm on the road and I've been stopping at stores instead of fast food joints to pick up single serve milk, fruits, veggies, etc. And with my ally the Schwan's guy...who also delivers my frozen stuff, I get lots of delicious fruits and veggies (and other goodies!) to compliment my Nutri-meals.

I also like a wide variety of foods, dining out, and occasionally cooking at home for friends and family. I actually like to cook and cook well, but not if it's just me! But since variety is the spice of life, I also decided to use the Weight Watchers Points Plus program. So whenever I eat, whether it's a Nutri-meal or something I created...I just log the points. For instance a Nutri-mid morning snack consists of a dairy and a fruit...so I often make a smoothie with frozen yogurt and fruit, both from Schwan's! You see an 8oz glass of milk is 3 points and a half cup of frozen yogurt is also 3 points...Fruit is zero points (no sugar)! This morning I scooped out half cup of wild berry frozen yogurt and a combined cup of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries for a yummy mid morning Nutri and low point treat!

Weight Watchers also gives you a weekly allotment of extra points that you can use to splurge...night out with the guys, bbq, restaurant, etc. So when I get that craving for a good hamburger (and I do) I can go ahead and eat one...just deduct the 18 or so points from my 'splurge fund'.

They also give you points for exercising...how's that for motivation?! Craving some ice cream? Go take a 30 minute walk...then come home and enjoy some.

Long story short...after six weeks on both plans, I'm losing about 2.4 pounds a week, not burned out of the 'diet', and already feel better than ever! I've learned that it's okay to indulge, but also to be much more conscious of what/how much I eat.
Published Mon, April 04, 2011 10:18 PM by terribletoaster
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ginnyroo said:
The "Feeling Better" part in the beginning is such a huge motivation. And look at you, 14 pounds down!
Congratulations, and keep going strong.

I agree, the Schwan's guy can be a really good friend! The LiveSmart choices are so helpful, convenient, and in the long run, a total plus!!

I am so impressed that you actually have an insurance company that is committed to helping you achieve your fitness and health goals. Great start...and the all important positive attitude.

Got a cuddly nerd/engineer for a husband. I say it to him, and I will say it to you!! Quit overthinking everything, and just go for it. Welcome!
April 04, 2011 11:28 PM EST
terribletoaster said:
Thanks Ginny for the kind words. I wasn't sure if I should be happy or offended by Aetna's offer...after a few minutes of thought, I realized they were being honest with me, but also they know that it will cost more to let me be overweight in the long run! I get 30% off...not too shabby, and like I said - I spend far less on eating now than I used to.

I look forward to hitting goal...and of course more kind words from you! Thanks again.
April 05, 2011 12:31 AM EST
LoveToDance9 said:
Wow... tracking food in two places? I thought I was an overthinker... but I think you got me beat. I'm glad it's working so well for you! Keep it up.

If you get tired of logging in both places... I think you will find lots of people who will vouch that following NS alone will definitely lead to success. But sounds like you have found a way to get a little more flexibility in your program while continuing to lose. Looking forward to hearing about your continued success.
April 05, 2011 12:51 AM EST
LindaLu361 said:
Congratulations on finding a method that works for you! That's the key. I also found that it costs me less to eat healthy than it did before - all that junk food and take out adds up. Best wishes to you on your journey!
April 05, 2011 07:51 AM EST
spoyld said:
You will be nothing but successful with your drive and enthusiasm. Congrats.
April 05, 2011 08:35 AM EST
terribletoaster said:
Wow, thanks ladies for all the kind and encouraging words. I sincerely appreciate them.
April 05, 2011 11:04 AM EST