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Traveling while on Nutrisystem
Lately I've had to do some travel for business and I put together a kit for myself to help me stay on Nutrisystem the best I can and to encourage me to exercise.  Here are the things I do:

  1. I bought some empty bottles that are 3oz sizes in the trial size area of Wal-mart and Target.  Into those bottles I put some of my favorite fat free dressings.  A helpful tip is that 1oz = 2tbsp so you can take 6tbsp of dressing in one bottle.  For me that is about three salad's worth so two bottles last for roughly 4-5 days if you don't splurge too much.  Put those bottles into the plastic bag so it'll pass through security.
  2. Find a fruit that you like that is relatively hard and doesn't need refrigeration.  I LOVE apples so I bring several with me.  Many hotels now have apples or oranges or bananas available but I like to be prepared as if they don't.  Also many convenience stores have either fresh fruit or fruit cups in lightly sweetened water at worst so you can usually pick up something while traveling, at least in the US.
  3. I've ordered a fairly significant number of breakfasts and lunches as the meal bars because they are easy to throw into a laptop bag or travel bag and they take up very little space and are pretty filling along with the water.
  4. I've also ordered a pretty decent number of lunches and dinners that are reconstituted with hot water such as the macaroni and cheese and the split pea soup.  MOST major hotels will have small coffee makers in all their rooms and they can be used to make boiling water in a pinch.  I also throw some plastic spoons into my suitcase.  I take a small box that I can fit into my suitcase and I put a few of the meal containers in it so they don't get crushed along with the spoons, bars, and apples I take with me.
  5. Take a bottle for water and empty it before you go through security at the airport.  Once you get through the scanner you can go to a water fountain and fill it up.  I find that bottled water is terribly expensive when you're trying to drink at LEAST 8 cups per day so this saves me money and time.
  6. I take with me a DVD that has exercise routines I like and can do in my room using my laptop DVD player in case the exercise facilities are closed or crowded or I just don't feel like leaving the room.  My personal favorite right now is Power90 (by the same guy who does P90X but it's an older set).  I like it because it doesn't require lots of space and I can use exercise bands which fit very nicely into my suitcase.
If anyone else has any cool tips then please share them as I'm always looking.  I find that on the road the two big problems are eating right because of having to eat in restaurants, frequently with customers and other team members and finding time to exercise.  Most restaurants, though not all, will have some sort of salad with protein on it or will have some sort of protein that you can get grilled or cooked in a decently healthy way and some steamed vegetables.  I try to lean towards the fish and chicken dishes in those cases.
Published Fri, April 01, 2011 01:44 PM by Adam_GT
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BJK1961 said:
You certainly sound like you have everything sorted out for travel. Have a fantastic trip.
April 01, 2011 02:35 PM EST
penelope-treasure22 said:
You have so many good ideas that I never thought of. Thank you!
April 01, 2011 02:48 PM EST